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Adopting a puppy is stressful - but it doesn’t have to be!

The internet is all over horror stories about scammers who swindled money, about puppy mills where dogs are very poorly treated, and about health issues which treatment cost a fortune for the owner. No wonder, you are feeling stressed! We created this ebook to help prospective owners in how to choose the right breeder to avoid such issues.

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Once you decide to get a new family member, thousands of questions arise about the adoption process. What happens to the puppies within their first few weeks of life? What vet examinations and vaccinations do they get while at the breeder, and what has to be followed once the puppy is at yours? How do we feed baby pups, and how can you make the food switch a smooth process? Is it safe to buy Frenchies overseas, and how do puppies put up with long-distance traveling? We answer all these questions and more!

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We are TomKings Puppies, a trustworthy, elite breeder family of French bulldogs. We dedicated our lives to raising healthy, balanced, and well-mannered Frenchies for future owners. We believe that this can be achieved by raising puppies as part of the family from day one.


Strong musculature, great immune system, and good manners won’t develop in crowded spaces, called kennels. Instead, we treat all of our Frenchies as family members, let them roam freely in their vast green garden and rest with them in the house. These Frenchie puppies can play as much as they want and we raise them by teaching all the good manners among dogs and people, including children.


Our goal is to create happy Frenchie families, therefore quality assurance is a number one priority to assure great bloodline. Every TomKings parent dog has passed a rigorous selection and examination process before we start the elite breeding program to build the healthiest and most Frenchie-authentic gene pool for TomKings Frenchies. All of our adult dogs and puppies get the highest quality food and supplements to ensure immaculate health, and they are checked by our vet on a weekly basis.


Our puppies are shipped from Hungary to all over Europe and the USA at the age of 3 months. The puppies are delivered by experts of pet transport to ensure they don’t experience stress even amid longer flights. They travel in a temperature-controlled and pressurized room (not stacked on top of suitcases), and they are watched all along the flight. During layovers, the puppies are taken off the plane and placed in a pet hotel, where they are given fresh food, water and lots of pampering.


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