Why adopt a Frenchie, French Bulldog

Why adopt a French Bulldog (puppy parents share their views)

When it comes to adopting a puppy, there are quite a few choices. According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), there are 67 breeds in the US and our beloved French Bulldog breed is the 4th. Earlier we had an article about some scientific reasons for that and we could go on for days why we love them so much. This time, however, we asked the members of the TomKings Frenchie Family, why they chose a French Bulldog (over other breeds), and why it is awesome to have a Frenchie.


Lovable personality


This was the most frequently mentioned reason for choosing a Frenchie: their funny, lovable personality. They are social, friendly, and very easy to train.

Now that she is here…incredibly smart, so full of personality, perfect size and exercise needs, unbelievably affectionate. I love that they are attention grabbers in public, I have met new people…and I had no idea they had such a “cult” following. Now going to be my forever breed! I want # 2!!! Perfect size for me. Easy to train.” (Helen)

Obsessed with their face, color, Loooove their personality (calm and playful ‘Carter The Calm’ ) and their versatile size. Now that we have him, he is the most lovable, funny, cuddle bum, beautiful friend and companion.” (Margarita)

Frenchies have so much personality and every day I find myself laughing at Buster’s behavior and am amazed at how well he’s adapted to our family. He always brings us and everyone he meets joy, he’s great with other animals and situations of every kind. We can’t imagine a day without him now! Also, this is our first dog as a couple and is training us for future adventures (aka children).” – (Maja)

“We chose a Frenchie because of their size and personality because we live in an apartment. We wanted a dog that would be active with us but also enjoy some lazy days. They are also so friendly and good with kids, so we would never have to worry about taking him anywhere!” (Ashley)

Their small size


French Bulldogs are small, 11-12 inches tall, and usually don’t weigh more than 30 pounds, and this fact makes them very popular. It’s easy to carry them wherever you go and they easily fit in a small apartment. They are even able to convert even a big dog person as it seems from the comments we got from the parents.

I chose the breed due to size, smart, and personality. I love their comical and compact looks. I also did not want a breed that required a lot of grooming like my terrier.” (Helen)

Because they are so cute and funny looking and good apartment dogs.” – (Jackie)

I chose a Frenchie because of their size and I’ve heard they’re a great pup option for the city since I live in an apartment in Chicago.” – (Maja)

A friend of mine had one and I absolutely fell in love! I had been a big dog person before this and had never considered a smaller dog. But once I started doing the research it was everything I needed and wanted. Smaller. Good companion. Good traveler. Friendly. Sweet.” (Shayne)

I chose this breed because I loved their little faces and compact build! I’d always been a big dog kind of person (Rottweiler, mastiff) but that required more yard space, so I started researching a smaller breed and went for it!” (Tenae)

Great with kids and other dogs


French Bulldogs are not jealous of kids, other dogs, and cats, and get on very well with them. This is very important for families and grandparents.


Because they are great with kids, so sweet and funny and loving.” (Jackie)

He’s great with kids. He’s great with other dogs. He’s just the greatest decision I have ever made!! I am ready for a second one!!!

They are your best friends


Frenchies are your best friends, and in these challenging times, adults and kids find consolation in their sweet puppies.

Wow! Now I will never not have a Frenchie! They are so loving, and such funny little things! So good with kids, perfect for my smaller yard, not yappy like most other smaller dogs, not overly hyper, easy to bathe, and just an overall blessing! Especially in this weird time, we’re in right now! A little therapy dog to help anxiety and keep the kids busy playing and caring for them!” (Tenae)

I’m glad I got a Frenchie because she has turned out to be my best friend. She has been the most loving and snuggly dog. Snuggles from a Frenchie are life-changing.” (Stephanie)

She is amazing with people and other dogs, runs forever every day with her furry friends. Oh my God, I can go on and on, especially now being home with the lockdown she is our lifesaver ❤️.” (Nike)

They don’t need a lot of grooming


Yeah, no grooming, and mine doesn’t even shed. She’s so clean even inside her ears.” (Jackie)

I’m so glad I did because this boy is hands down the most well rounded, easy temperament. He’s a clown that is smart, well behaved, and surprisingly quite athletic. They never slobber, easy to groom, and small enough to go anywhere. What more could you want?” (Jennifer)

In fact, some of the parents are ready for the second pup


He is the sweetest, funniest, kindest, most lovable companion ever!! I ride horses competitively and he goes everywhere with me. He’s just so easy and happy to go wherever I do. I love to watch people light up when they see him. Louie has definitely never met a stranger for sure. He’s great with kids. He’s great with other dogs. He’s just the greatest decision I have ever made!! I am ready for a second one!!!” (Shayne)

The article was written based on the feedback from the clients of TomKings Puppies Team in the Tomkings Frenchie Family Facebook group. TomKings Puppies have been breeding French Bulldogs for 12 years on their farm. All the pictures in the post belong to them and show a puppy from their breed.  Check the upcoming colors here, or if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.


24 thoughts on “Why adopt a French Bulldog (puppy parents share their views)”

  1. I would love to adopt a French bulldog, but everyone wants a high price, I lost my English bulldog of 18 years, can someone help me

  2. I would like to adopt another puppy as my mom is in the hospital and she my Jasmine is taking it hard she staying close to my dad want let him out of her site. She is very smart little cookie I can’t thank her enough to be the best friend to my dad but I don’t want her to be sad. My dad will not let her be by herself in this tough time for us.

  3. Super adorable dogs! Greatest companion! I can bring my frenchies with me almost any where! Everyone loves them! Small cute and yet a manly dog as well! Great companionship. Super happy with my Frenchie puppies. Glad to have chosen Tom kings kennel to select my puppy from!

  4. Tashia Williams

    I just had to put 2 if my dogs down in less than a week of each other. Now I only have one dog and she is very sad, shes never been an only dog. I really want to adopt a frenchie for me and for my Zowie, so shes not lonely. If I lose her I dont know what I’ll do. So please help me adopt one.

  5. I really want a French bulldog so bad but every time I try to adopt they’re always international scams and they’re really expensive :/ they are beautiful dogs

    1. We’re sad to hear that. There are so many scams in the World nowadays, we are all afraid of them.
      How can you be sure that we are legit?
      1. Check the Facebook group we created for our buyers
      2. Check our Facebook reviews what we got from our buyers
      3. Connect our buyers on Instagram
      4. Pay With PayPal
      5. Read our testimonials
      6. Call our previous buyers
      7. Read our first book on Amazon

      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

  6. Tom,

    I am interested in adopting/fostering a frenchie. I had 1 but lost to a tragic event and would love that loving personality around again.

    1. Hi Ethan, we are very sorry for your loss, I am sure you will find your loving Frenchie! I have just sent you an email!

  7. Shakeera Grier

    Hi yes I’m interested in getting Bulldog for my 10 year old Lil girl she a only child and she keep asking me for a dog. Can you help me with her dream

    1. Hi Piercarla!

      Thank you for your comment, we have sent you an email about our puppies. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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